Petrochemical Industry

Molecular simulation of thermodynamic stability of nano-particle modified foam

Foam fluids have been used in a wide variety of oil recovery technologies, such as drilling, fracturing and enhanced oil recovery. However, foam is in an unstable state in thermodynamics and dynamics, so the stability of foam is a key problem that needs to be solved in the use of foam. Nanoparticles have a greater advantage over conventional surfactants to stabilize foams in that they can be irreversibly adsorbed at the gas-liquid interface, thus providing more durable stability. The adjustable stability of SDS foam containing oil was investigated by experiments and molecular dynamics (MS Forcite) simulations. The stability of the oil-containing foam system is adjusted by changing the concentration of the components (SDS surfactant and SiO2 nanoparticles). The microstructure and dynamic characteristics of the foam film were studied. This work will help to deepen the understanding of the mechanism of foam stability regulation and achieve a more stable foam system in the experiment.

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 2020, 82:333-340.