BIOVIA Solvation Chemistry 2023 Product Update

source:PUHUA system 2023-08-01

BIOVIA Solvation Chemistry (original name: BIOVIA COSMOlogic) is a set of software developed on the basis of COSMO-RS theory for different systems. Chemical formulas of compounds are obtained on the basis of a combination of quantitative and thermodynamic methods to predict the thermodynamic properties of mixed solutions of arbitrary components, including: Activity coefficient, liquid-gas equilibrium, liquid-liquid equilibrium, solid-liquid equilibrium, eutectic point, distillation separability, solubility of gases, liquids, solids, vapor pressure, heat of vaporization, Henry's Constant, partition coefficient, heat of mixing, thermodynamics of reaction in solution, chemical potential, chemical potential gradient, density and viscosity of pure compounds. The scope of application includes organic solutions, ionic solutions, polymers and pharmaceutical molecules. It is widely used in the fields of chemical engineering process design, chemical solvent (including ionic solvent) screening and drug molecular screening.